Spartan Race

Marshall and team mate Nicole are all smiles after completing the Spartan Sprint in Calgary

On August 18, 2012 I had the pleasure of competing in my first ever Spartan Race. It was classified as a Spartan Sprint because it was only 5km in distance. While that might not seem like a long run, add in to it over 20 obstacles that are physically and emotionally challenging, and you can see why it becomes a bit more of a challenge.

I had the chance to compete with a group of friends, and while I didn’t stick with them all throughout the race, we all managed to finish. In fact, we all started talking about the next race to do — which is actually looking like it might be on in Las Vegas of 2013. It’s a lot longer and more challenging, so training will definitely be required.

In all honesty I did the race for fun and to say I’ve done something that many other people haven’t. I also added it to my bucket list of things to do and I am so happy I did it. The toughest part was actually psychological, as opposed to physical. There were definitely plenty of times on the course when I felt I wasn’t worth it or couldn’t do it. It took a real level of conscious thought to change that thinking. And while I finished around the 55 minute mark, battered, bleeding and bruised, I wouldn’t really change anything…except that I’d do it again!

I would encourage you to participate in a Spartan Race in your area if you get the chance, if not to only say you’ve done it!

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