Spartan Race


On August 18, 2012 I had the pleasure of competing in my first ever Spartan Race. It was classified as a Spartan Sprint because it was only 5km in distance. While that might not seem like a long run, add in to it over 20 obstacles that are physically and emotionally challenging, and you can see why it becomes a bit more of a challenge. I had the chance to compete with a group of friends, and while I didn’t stick with them all throughout the race, we all managed to finish. In fact, we all started talking about the…

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Sony Playstation 3: 160GB Console

160GB Sony Playstation 3

This past Christmas I was given a 160GB Playstation 3 console. I was truly excited since I had received a game for it last year and lots of Blu-Ray movies as gifts this year. I also got some great video games this holiday season for it as well. It’s hard to explain why I really wanted a PS3, but I did for a few reasons…

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iPhone 4 is awesome

iPhone 4 - This changes everything. Again.

By now you’ve know doubt heard about the Apple iPhone 4. For the last two years I had been using my iPhone 3G every day and loved it; for the most part. Towards the end of using it the battery life was really killing me and things like Facebook and Twitter were taking forever to load any comments or feed at all. Now with my…

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